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Innovator Insights: Winter-Ready Insurance Strategies

As winter approaches, let’s focus on tailored insurance strategies for businesses facing seasonal challenges. With over 15 years in the insurance industry, servicing sectors like Real Estate, Horticulture, Agriculture, and Snow Removal, I’ve encountered unique situations that have shaped my approach to crafting winter-ready insurance strategies.


Identifying Winter Liability Risks

Icy pathways and snow-covered parking lots not only pose physical hazards but also increase the potential for accidents. Understanding these risks is the first step towards crafting an insurance strategy that truly protects your business.


Tailored Coverage Solutions

Generic insurance plans might not adequately address the nuances of winter liability. At Jones DesLauriers, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions that specifically account for the risks your business faces during the winter season.


Beyond Slip-and-Falls: Comprehensive Winter Protection

While slip-and-fall incidents are a significant concern, winter liabilities extend beyond. From property damage due to snow removal efforts to legal implications arising from weather-related accidents, a comprehensive approach to winter protection is paramount.


At Jones DesLauriers, we’re experts in tailoring insurance strategies for your unique winter challenges. Don’t wait for the snow to settle – contact us today and ensure your business is prepared and protected.