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Transportation Fleet
Risk Services

Jones DesLauriers specializes in providing risk management advice specifically designed to address the unique challenges and exposures faced by fleet and transportation businesses.

Transportation Fleet Risk Services

Jones DesLauriers offers risk management advice specifically designed for fleet and transportation exposures.  Our expertise helps you to keep your trucks moving and improve the profitability of your fleet operations.  We have deep knowledge of the many facets of the transportation industry in addition to a wide network of resources.  We are your Fleet Risk Management specialists.

Risk Management Advice that helps your business

  • Identification and mitigation of risks to your operations in order to position your operations in the best possible light with the insurance companies
  • Staying abreast of changing government regulations and helping our clients to stay compliant with government regulations
  • Accident Investigation that provides a second set of eyes on reports to ensure responsible parties are identified and blame attributed correctly
  • Assessment of your safety and maintenance procedures and policies and making of recommendations, as applicable
  • Review of hiring criteria and processes including audits of your hiring and training procedures
  • Development of transportation risk management programs
  • On-site education & training services for your drivers


If you are interested in any of these types of services, please connect with us.