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Green Energy

Our Green Energy Assurance™ program is designed to address insurance risks and minimize exposures specific to this specialty class of business.

Renewable Energy and Solar Solutions

Jones DesLauriers has developed a unique program for the solar and renewable energy sector to solve the insurance risks and minimize the exposures faced by this specialty class of business. Committed to offering only the best insurance services and solutions, the Green Energy Assurance™ program can be customized to meet the specific insurance needs for your solar, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, on-shore and off-shore wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and waterpower operations.

In addition, this specialized program is backed by a team of Green Energy Assurance™ Advisors and support staff who can offer practical and technical advice, from the most basic to the most complex solar and energy related risks. The program features 24 claims assistance, competitive rates, knowledgeable representation and expert advice. Jones DesLauriers’s Green Energy Assurance™ program supports Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff structure for renewable electricity production.