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Food Banks Insurance

Food Banks Insurance

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Jones DesLauriers is proud to be the exclusive Insurance Broker for the members of Feed Ontario (the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB)).

Jones DesLauriers and Feed Ontario have worked together to help Food Banks get the protection they need at a reasonable price. Food Banks insurance policies are designed to take the hassle out of finding reliable coverage for you and your agency food banks. Best of all, buying coverage endorsed by Feed Ontario means affordable group rates.

The Feed Ontario Group Commercial program offers affordable insurance for members and agencies of Feed Ontario (the Ontario Association of Food Banks), especially those with smaller capacity, and incredible savings for those that currently carry coverage. The low premiums can only be offered by having many members participate.

By joining this program, not only are you protecting a valuable asset to your community, you are helping other food banks keep their insurance costs down.

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As a Director or Officer of a non‐profit association such as a Food Bank, you face personal liability for your actions (or non-actions) in carrying out your duties. Many non‐profit associations carry D&O to protect their board members from losing their personal assets in the case of an expensive and unpleasant lawsuit.

Defence costs can be excessive. Claims can be frivolous in nature, but once brought forward must be defended. If the claim against you is decided to have merit, judgements can be devastating to the organization, as well as to your own personal assets.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Application


Our main goal is to offer a package policy that is both an easy administrative process and which provided exceptional coverage at extremely affordable prices.

The package includes extensions needed by Food Banks:

  • coverage for volunteers; and
  • 50% additional coverage for peak season, when food banks are at their busiest and have their largest inventories.

Food Banks across the province are already benefiting: smaller operations are now insured sometimes for the first time, thanks to the affordability of the package, while larger operations are saving as much as 70% while actually increasing their coverage.

Property and General Liability Insurance Application