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Benefits & Pension

Choosing the right professional partner while planning, enhancing, and preserving your future success, security, and protection, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Jones DesLauriers has the capabilities of a professional services corporation, offering the highest standard of service in industry-leading insurance, financial management, and planning and solutions strategies to corporations, corporate executives, business owners, and individuals alike with unparalleled, boutique-style care and service.

Employee Benefits

We offer the unparalleled advantage of our in-depth knowledge of local markets, proprietary cost-efficient processes, Innovative policy development and strategic plan designs, and we use that knowledge and experience to provide smart, tailor-made solutions that meet your precise business requirements and corporate objectives.

Life Insurance & Financial Services

Providing employees with the tools and knowledge to make the right investment decisions for them is what we do best.

Group Retirement Insurance

We offer highly customized Group Retirement & Pension Solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and properly governed to adhere to Canadian or Capital Accumulation guidelines. Having a Group Retirement Plan is integral to attracting and keeping key personnel, especially given that the long-term viability of government sponsored pension plans is in question. As such, Group Retirement Plans, along with RRSPs, are playing a major role for most Canadians when saving for their retirement.