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Protecting Your Vehicle From Keyless Theft

Protecting Your Vehicle From Keyless Theft

The rising demand for used cars and supply chain shortages for replacement parts have contributed to the growing problem of motor vehicles and parts theft. Police have noted that a significant proportion of stolen vehicles are linked to organized crime and are often destined for overseas shipment.


Keyless Theft

As technology advances, the prevalence of keyless vehicles has created new opportunities for thieves. Keyless cars use radio waves to communicate with the key in a person’s possession, allowing the car to be unlocked and driven without a physical key. However, not all keyless systems will both open the doors and start the engine. Thieves engaged in keyless theft, or relay theft, often work in pairs. They target vehicles parked near a property and use equipment to determine if the car has keyless entry. One thief holds a relay amplifier to pick up the key’s signal inside the property, while the other holds a relay transmitter to replicate the signal near the car. This allows them to unlock and start the car, as if the key were present. The fact that a $200 signal amplifier can be used for this type of vehicle theft is alarming.


Preventing Keyless Theft

Keep the key far from the car, preferably away from doors and windows. Parking on the street or at a distance from the property can also confuse thieves about where the key may be located.


Physically Protect Your Vehicle

To enhance the security of your vehicle, consider parking it in an enclosed garage if one is available. If this is not an option, there are other measures you can take to deter thieves from stealing your car. Using visual and physical security measures can be effective in preventing theft, such as:

  • If you own more than one vehicle, use the one without keyless entry to block the keyless vehicle, making it difficult for thieves to drive it away.
  • Purchase a high-quality steering wheel lock, which can deter thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle.
  • Use wheel clamps that lock around the wheels and a pedal box over the foot pedals to make it harder for thieves to drive your car.
  • Install a lockable post in your driveway, which can prevent thieves from stealing your car or moving it away.


Tracking Device

Another option to prevent car theft is to install a tracking device, which can help locate and recover the vehicle in case of theft. Some insurance companies may require this, particularly for expensive cars.


The Jones DesLauriers VIP Personal Insurance team is well-equipped to assist you in effectively mitigating any risks related to your high-value vehicles.

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