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Tariq Noorhassan

Partner, Claims Manager

Tariq has over 10 years experience as a Claims Advocate in the insurance industry. Working alongside the firm’s Industry Leaders and Business Specialists, he is responsible for the firm’s claims management and advocacy group. Tariq got his start in the industry as a life insurance and mutual fund agent with Primerica Financial Services, later becoming the Claims Analyst at Aon Reed Stenhouse. Tariq left Aon to expand the Claims Advocacy group at Jones DesLauriers.  Tariq utilizes his technical abilities at Jones DesLauriers to add value to our existing and future clients as their policy expert in order to extract the full benefits of their coverage.

Tariq is a graduate of the Insurance Institute of Canada. He holds both Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Risk Management accreditations. Outside of work Tariq enjoys travelling, concerts, sports activities and music. He volunteers for the United Way and continuously supports Juvenile Diabetes, Women’s Abuse Shelter, MS Ride, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

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