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Shawn DeSantis

Partner, President & CEO

Shawn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Navacord Company and Jones DesLauriers Navacord Prior to this, Shawn was Executive Vice President for RSA Group of Companies from 2004 to 2013.

Shawn has more than 25 years of experience in insurance industry. Shawn has held various underwriting and management positions and gained significant insight in the global property and casualty sector. Shawn has spent the majority of his career growing and leading large insurance business units. He has been involved with a significant number of insurance company acquisitions both from the financial side to the operational, execution and culture aspect. In 2013, Shawn left the underwriting side to focus on the distribution side of the business.

Shawn joined Jones DesLauriers Navacord Insurance Management Inc in 2013 with a vision to build Canada’s largest employee owned commercial broker. Eighteen months later, Navacord Inc was created with the founding partners of Jones DesLauriers Navacord and Jones DesLauriers Navacord. In the first two years, Navacord has had four brokers from across Canada become part of the organization. It has been four years since Navacord was created and the business has positioned itself as the sixth largest commercial broker in Canada.

“We are the beginning of building something special. Together we are building a great Canadian brokerage that focuses on being entrepreneurial, strong talent development and bringing together the best brokers in Canada.”

Phone: 416.240.2055