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Gagandeep Sekhon

Director, International Business

Gagandeep brings over 20 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. As an integral part of JDIMI, she is responsible for managing, retaining, and renewing both national and international commercial accounts.

Gagandeep’s professionalism and expertise are widely recognized and appreciated by both her team and clients. She is adept at resolving customer issues, always prioritizing clear communication, and maintaining the highest level of service.

In her role as a Director of International Business, she primarily works with international clients and brokers around the world. She serves as a liaison between brokers worldwide and our internal teams to cater to the needs of their multinational client needs. She also educates international brokers on Canadian excise tax and levies for noncompliance. Her passion lies in bridging gaps and fostering strong international business relationships.

Gagandeep holds a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP) designation, further solidifying her expertise in the field. She also has Bachelor of Arts degree from Punjab University, India. Her extensive knowledge and experience make her a valuable asset to our team and a trusted advisor to our clients.

Phone: 416.248.7194