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Toll-Free: 1.877.232.9996

How To Report A Claim

Emergency Claims: 1.866.440.4127

After-Hours Claims: 1.866.440.4127

Old Republic Clients: 1.800.228.8046


What Should I Do in the Event of a Claim?

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Ensure that all persons involved are safe.
  3. Call emergency services, if required.
  4. Ensure that your property is safe. This point cannot be stressed enough! It is your property and therefore your responsibility.
  5. Call Jones DesLauriers promptly to alleviate any problems concerning your policy coverage.

Claims involving bodily injury must be reported immediately. In such cases a telephone report is a must followed by a written report. Claims involving collision or property damage should be made within 48 hours. Notice can be given by telephone or written report.

Please refer to our Claims Information & Procedures Manual for more information.

Claims Information & Procedures Manual