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Jones DesLauriers has been servicing the Canadian market for over 50 years. We are expert advisors helping our clients face the future with confidence.

Jones DesLauriers is a leading group benefits and retirement brokerage firm dedicated to providing expert solutions to businesses and people across Canada.

Our focus is on corporate group benefits, corporate group pension, and retirement plans, as well as individual life insurance and living benefits, which our team collectively has over 80 years of experience in.



JDIMI Consulting Navacord has integrity and a strong expert backing while also being creative and stable. This is why firms across Canada and the U.S. choose us to partner with when establishing a Health and Wellness Benefit program. We use our in-depth knowledge to meet your precise business requirements and corporate objectives.

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JDIMI Consulting Navacord has experience in many sectors with numerous product offerings with highly customized Group Retirement and Pension Solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and properly governed. We understand that having a Group Retirement Plan is integral to attracting, retaining, and supporting key personnel as it plays a key role for most Canadians saving for their retirement.


At JDIMI Consulting Navacord, we provide a local, boutique experience. We’re always accessible with the strong backing of a national firm to help manage all aspects of your insurance requirements, so you, your family, and business are fully protected. By proactively identifying needs and goals integral to your security and overall happiness, we can provide strategic options and create action plans to help you achieve your financial goals. At JDIMI Consulting Navacord, we care about your security, stability, and peace of mind.

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