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The Jones DesLauriers Difference

Jones DesLauriers is a leading insurance and risk management firm.  We are passionate about the success of our clients with over fifty years dedicated to providing expert solutions to businesses in Canada.  Our Consultative Risk Management Approach is made up of four steps.

Risk Identification & Opportunity

Executive Round Table Interviews are the foundation of our Consultative Risk Management Approach.  We spend time with you and your key executives to understand your business objectives and identify risk and opportunities within your business.  We will also facilitate risk workshops with your key stakeholders and conduct location site visits, including venues that are in the course of construction. Next part of our risk identification exercise is an in depth analysis of your key contracts.  The result is your awareness of contractual obligations that affect your business and the ability to make informed decisions regarding the risk you maintain or transfer.

Risk Tolerance Quantification

After we have completed the assessment of your insurable risk we explain the various coverages and risk options of your insurance program.  We discuss your current claims management and documented processes to better understand your deductible strategies.  It is important that you have an informed view of your  tolerance to risk and are able to quantify the impact to your business.

Marketplace Knowledge & Pricing

The next step is the application of our marketplace knowledge and pricing to help determine the intersection of risk tolerance and economic risk transfer.  We do this by combining our peer group bench-marking data with our deep relationships with Insurers across North America and the UK.  The benefit to you is the recommendation of products that are specialized for your industry.  And, where it makes sense, the tailoring of solutions to your unique business objectives, such as Alternative Risk Transfer including Captive Solutions.

Knowledge Sharing

More importantly, you can experience the Jones DesLauriers difference through our commitment to knowledge sharing.  Working collaboratively, we will develop a communications plan that includes any combination of the following:

  1. Management/Board presentations
  2. Managers/Employee education and workshops
  3. Education newsletters or articles for your publications
  4. Education seminars conducted in-person or via webinars