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Jones DesLauriers is dedicated to addressing your insurance risks and reducing exposures faced by businesses in Hospitality. Experience peace of mind with a stable insurance program.



Stabilize Your Insurance Risks and Exposures

Jones DesLauriers has developed a unique program for the hospitality industry designed to address your insurance risks and minimize the exposures faced by this specialty class of business. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a more stable insurance program that smooths out the insurance market ups and downs.  Committed to offering only the best insurance services and solutions, Jones DesLauriers is able to customize this program to meet the specific insurance needs for your nightclub, bar, lounge, banquet hall or hotel.

Customized Risk program – more than insurance coverages

Jones DesLauriers knows that insurance coverages are the foundation of your insurance program but we also recognize proactive loss prevention and claims management are additional keys to the success of your business.

EXCLUSIVE RISK MANAGEMENT SITE SURVEY is our methodical approach to assessing each location in the following areas:

  • Risk Management Policy & Documentation
  • Staff Training and Procedures
  • Security Staff Training and Procedures
  • Technical Security

Working collaboratively with you and your management, we review the results, discuss the recommendations and decide the best way to incorporate survey results into your daily operations.

Proactive Claims Management

We know that claims situations can arise on any given day or night which is why we have a proactive, disciplined approach to claims including the engagement of a legal firm specializing in the field of liquor liability defence.   As a well-regarded authority on the subject of commercial liquor liability as well as social host and “employer” host liability, our legal partner has an expertise in this area which allows us to take advantage of the standard of care distinctions between various classes of establishment.

Specialized industry knowledge

In addition to our specialized program offerings, Jones DesLauriers is backed by a team of brokers and support staff who can offer practical and technical advice, from the most basic to the most complex hospitality related risks. Our program features 24 claims assistance, competitive rates, knowledgeable representation and expert advice. By partnering together we can ensure there is a comprehensive and affordable insurance product for your business.


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